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Welcome to the Drama Department

The ethos of the Drama department is to develop the confidence and language skills of all students. Emphasis is placed on everyone being able to concentrate fully within a creative and expressive environment, where they will share ideas and learn together. The department concentrates on learning through Drama and a variety of topics are covered linked to other subjects. However, there is also a strong focus on performance, which is also developed outside of normal school hours, giving students the opportunity to take part in productions such as our annual Shakespeare Schools Festival and Drama club run by the department.


Mrs Danielle Kervin


Pupils in Key stage 3 will have numerous opportunities to get involved in Drama. Our annual school musical encourages our younger pupils to develop their performance skills and make new friends from older year groups. We also encourage KS3 pupils to participate in annual Christmas and summer concerts.

Making Waves project

The making waves project allows the Drama department to work with KS3 pupils in a themed project over a two-week period during the year. The project allows pupils to develop skills required to complete their Welsh Baccalaureate  in KS4 through Drama, Art and Music. 


GCSE Drama is studied by pupils wishing to not only act but produce and design their own performances.

 LEVEL OF COURSE:    GCSE   EXAMINATION BODY:  WJEC                                                                                                                                                     


You will receive full GCSE in Drama


Do you work well in a team?
Do you enjoy art, music, dance, films and live theatre?
Can you dedicate yourself to rehearsals (outside lessons)?
Are you creative?
Would you like to improve your confidence and speaking skills?



UNIT ONE: Devised Practical Performance (60%) Controlled Assessment
120 marks (120 UMS)

TASK ONE – 40% Devised Performance (AO1, AO2)

Candidates will devise a practical performance based on a theme, linked with a practitioner or genre.

  • ·ï€  Candidates may choose either acting or a theatre design skill;
  • ·ï€  Teachers record the work on DVD/Video;
  • ·ï€  Internally assessed and externally moderated with task two.

TASK TWO – 20% Devised Performance Report (AO3)

Candidates will complete a written report on the practical work they completed in Task One, under formal supervision.

  • ·ï€  The report should include details of live performances candidates have seen, that have influenced their practical work; details on decision making; the inclusion of technical elements and the content of the piece and an evaluation of their own work and that of the group;
  • ·ï€  Internally assessed and externally moderated with task one.

UNIT TWO: Performance from a Text (20%) External Assessment
50 marks (40 UMS )

Candidates will be assessed on either their acting or a theatre design skill, in a scene from a published play.

·         Candidates to work in groups of between 2 to 5 members;

·          No more than two additional design candidates per group, each working on a different skill.

·         Externally assessed by a visiting examiner in April/May.

UNIT THREE: Written Examination (20%) Written Paper: 11⁄2 hours
50 marks (40 UMS)

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director and to evaluate practical work completed in Unit 2.


Is Drama a good choice for my future job prospects?

YES! The skills you use and develop in your Drama studies make you of interest to a wide range of employers, inside and outside of the industry.

Compared to other subjects, Drama prepares you with the essential communication, social interaction, team work and presentational skills required in nearly every job role. A qualification in Drama looks great on every CV!


Apart from being an Actor or Drama teacher, there are many careers that a GCSE in Drama is useful including:
Military forces, nursing, police, Sales and retail, manager of a company, social work, youth worker, media, publicity and marketing, etc. The list goes on!


The course is taught through practical workshops with theory work expanding and evaluating on practical work completed in lesson. Pupils are examined on their performance in group productions and on-going course work.


All pupils are examined through their coursework and participation in a group performance. Pupils can opt to either perform on-stage or take on a backstage role i.e. set, costume, sound, props or hair and make-up designers. Pupils are marked on their rehearsals and development of performance skills.

Pupils are also expected to produce coursework portfolios which include:

Lesson diaries, character research, skills development targets and evaluations of their work – Year 10.

Script writing, Performance, Evaluation of performance, performance of a script, Written Exam on set play and evaluation of performance from a text– Year 11

Extra-Curricular Drama at Glan-y-Mor

The Drama department is committed to offering a variety of extra- curricular activities and clubs that are open to all pupils and these are organised with this principle in mind.

The main aim of such activities is to extend the opportunities beyond those in timetabled sessions, and to encourage the interaction between pupils of different ages and abilities, in order to enrich and broaden the experience offered by the curriculum alone.

Annual School Production

The annual school musical is a highlight of the year for both the school and the local community.  The show is performed each year for two nights and there are also two afternoon performances for our students and invited guests from local primary schools.

 The production is a collaboration between the Art, Drama and Music department who come together to produce each production. Under the Direction of Mrs Danielle Kervin, Musical Director- Mr Dave Wisby and Production Design Mr Mike Stephens.

Each show involves between 70 and 110 students on stage; with pupils representing all year groups. There are also many students and members of staff involved backstage in areas such as set construction and painting, make-up, costumes, props, front of house and refreshments.

Our recent revival of the full school musical began in July 2018 with Bugsy Malone and continued in February 2020 with Schools Will Rock You!

The shows so far are …

2020- We Will Rock You!



2018- Bugsy Malone



Drama Facts:

  • West End Star John Owen Jones is a past pupil of Ysgol Glan Y Mor
  • Recent ex pupils are currently students at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Goldsmiths, Central School of Speech and Drama and Trinity St David University Carmarthen.
  • The department has links with National Youth Theatre of Wales, University of Wales, Coleg Sir Gar, SA15 Theatre school, Creative Industries Wales, Shakespeare Schools Festival and Arts Award Trinity College London.





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