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"Music for all" is at the heart of the music department at Glan-y-Môr where all pupils are encouraged to explore self expression in a variety of musical styles both inside and outside the classroom.

Music aims to support personal and social development through working with others and fostering musical sensitivity and creativity.


David Wisby : Head of Music
Angharad Morgan : Upper Strings
Nerys Clark : Lower Strings
Michael Thorne : Brass
Andy Jackson : Woodwind
Lee Mason : Guitar/ Drums

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In Year 7,8 and 9 all pupils follow a course which will encourage them to enjoy, appreciate and participate in music. There is a strong emphasis on practical work which includes singing, instrumental playing and composition. Pupils also develop listening and aural skills as they learn to appreciate music from a wide range of styles and from different cultural traditions.

The work in KS3 also provides a foundation which prepares pupils for G.C.S.E. should they decide to opt for music in Year 10.

Year 7 :

Vocal/Rhythm/Pitch work. The elements of music. Sound project with appraisal.       
Instruments of the orchestra. Music of Wales. Keyboard skills.
Voices and vocal music. Melody writing. Aural work.

Year 8 :

Vocal/Rhythm/Pitch work. Ostinato. Sound project with appraisal.
Performance skills. Intervals, tones and semitones. Melody writing.
Keyboard skills. Music of Wales. Aural work.

Year 9 :

Vocal/Rhythm/Pitch work. Theme and variations. Keyboard skills.
12 bar blues. Contemporary Welsh music. World music.
Melody writing. Aural skills.


If you want to acquire a skill, develop a talent and enhance your creativity then Music G.C.S.E. is for you. The department follows the course offered by the Welsh Joint Education Committee with assessments during Year 11 in the following areas :

1.       PERFORMING (30%)

You will be asked to perform two contrasting pieces of music, one where you are the solo performer and another where you play as part of a group. The two pieces together should last no more than ten minutes. Remember that you may sing or play an instrument.

2.       COMPOSING (30%)

During the course you will be asked to compose two pieces of music. There are plenty of opportunities for you to use music technology for this part of the course. The two pieces should last at least five minutes. You will also be asked to keep a diary of all the work you do on your compositions.

3.       APPRAISING (40%)

A written exam will take place during May or June of Year 11 based on four areas of study, namely -

 * Music in Wales.
 * Music for stage and screen.
 * Music evolution.
 * Musical forms and devices.

Here are some useful websites :

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/music   -   On-line revision and listening tasks.

http://www.essentialsofmusic.com/glossary/glossary.html   -  Glossary of terms with some audio examples.

http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/musicappraising/default.aspx?locale=en   -  Musical extracts with listening / appraising examples, including interactive quizzes, background information and a glossary


All pupils are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities which are provided throughout the year. During the year, the pupils take part in the annual Christmas celebration concert, open evening, school and Urdd eisteddfod and Summer concert.

In addition, the department participates regularly in a variety of concerts within the community such as the Rotary Young Musician competition held in The Ffwrnes Theatre, Only Boys Aloud workshops, county run instrumental and choral ensembles, lunchtime recitals as well as annual performances with the Burry port Brass Band and Male Voice Choir which gives pupils opportunities to showcase their skills and develop their confidence.

The following activities are available within the department :
Junior choir
Senior choir
Parti Merched
Male voice
String orchestra
Wind ensemble
Brass ensemble

Pupils achieve excellent results in Music exams

Performance plays an integral part of music in Glan-y-Mor.

Llongyfarchiadau / congratulations to the following pupils who have recently received their Music exam results:

Tristan Morris
Abigail Cole

Sophie Mullins
Alice Robinson
Rhiannon Taylor-Searle        
Tomos Davies
Rachel Lewis
Katie Burt    
Olivia Walters                 

Ryan Davies
Sam Phillips
Olivia Walters
Emilia Watts
Ben Harris

Connor Rees 
Katie Burt
Kieran Clohessy
Rachel Lewis
Phoebe Lilley
Grace Phillips
Megan Thomas 
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Music Theatre

Violin, Piano & Theory


Tenor Horn 

BBC Radio Wales recognises Glan-y-Môr Composer

Alan Meyrick-Cooke (a.k.a. RustDoggy) of Year 9 and a budding composer was delighted to learn that BBC Radio Wales were going to play one of his compositions on air.

Alan sent his work to 'BBC Introducing' where a panel of BBC presenters selected the most promising and impressive compositions for air play. Presenter Adam Walton played Alan's music on 6th June 2015 and it can be revisited on iplayer.

Alan already has a portfolio of compositions that he has created. "I do not compose for a set genre of music, my work is still evolving and developing. It could be described as experimental at this stage".

Listen to more of Alan's music on d0ggymusic.bandcamp.com                                                       

Glan-y-Mor pupils inaugral performance at this years BAFTA's held at Bryngwyn. 

Under the hot sun and hotter lights, pupils entertained the audience with a range of music from jazz funk to swing, boogie-woogie and music theatre.


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