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17th March 2020 Update: Nova Coronavirus Covid 19


Updating Information – Official correspondence and checking information

During this time of unprecedented change in the health advice we are receiving and of suggested changes to lifestyle, could I ask that parents to be very mindful of the way in which they engage with the school.

We only issue advice or updates through our official website page and through our own social media outlets, texts and email service. The information contained on our website page, and the regular updates, are provided from the government nationally, Welsh Government, Public Health England/Wales or Local Authority.

Please can parents appreciate that what is published on our website etc. is not the view of the school but information provided to us officially which we then pass on to parents to help keep them abreast of a rapidly changing set of circumstances. While we are happy to address and attempt to answer any legitimate questions or queries parents should avoid posting unhelpful comments or criticisms.

Please can parents also be aware that there might be hoax/malicious websites or social media posts posing as the school. Parents should check all information received against that published on our website.

Updated Advice – Self Isolation and Social Distancing

Following yesterday’s government press conference and advice from Public Health Wales/England. Please be aware of the following advice:


Self-Isolation and Social Distancing:


Vulnerable Groups: