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Cartoons against Corona - April

Mr Stephens set pupils the following task:

Draw a cartoon of yourselves, friends, family, famous people, your favourite cartoon characters or simply design your own and send to me. Let's try to spread some cheer. #cartoonsagainstcorona

NHS Heroes! Thanks to Mason aged 10 Image
Shoto todoroki. Thanks to Carolanne 8L Image
Not just any Mario. Super work Keane. Thanks! Image
Cartoons by Emily Rose 7L. Thanks! Image
Stay at home!! Thanks again Georgia 9G Image
Cartoon explosion by Mia 9L. Thanks! Image
Stay Homer! Stay safe! Thanks to Alysha 9L Image
Pac-Man ghost by Owain 7A Image
Pac-Man by Owain 7A. Thanks! Image
Smurfs up!! Thanks to Macey 7Y. Image
Fight Covid-19. Thanks to Logan 8G Image
Cartoon by Shania 7G. Thanks! Image
Yeah! It’s Tom Jones! Thanks again to Ryan 7Y Image
A big thank you to the NHS and keyworkers. A big thanks to Paris year 11 Image
Cartoon by Kimberley 8L. Thanks! Image
Cartoons by Katie year 10. Thanks! Image
Cartoons by Ciara Fitzgerald 7PS. Thanks! Image
Cartoon by Amaya year 8. Thanks! Image
Cartoon by Chelsea 9G. Thanks! Image
Wash your hands! Let’s kill Coronavirus together! Thanks to Annika year 9. Image
Cartoon by Seren 8L. Thanks! Image
Cartoon by Caitlin 8A. Thanks! Image
Cartoons by Christian 9L. Thanks! Image
2 more cartoons by Alysha 9L. Thanks! Image
Stay home! Stay safe! Thanks to Caleb 7A! Image
Cartoon by Molly 9L. Thanks! Image
Cartoons by Alisha 9G. Thanks!! Image
Stay home to save the NHS by Ebony 7SB. Thanks! Image
Another 2 more cartoons by Alysha 9L. Thanks! Image