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Cartoons against Corona

Mr Stephens set pupils the following task:

Draw a cartoon of yourselves, friends, family, famous people, your favourite cartoon characters or simply design your own and send to me. Let's try to spread some cheer. #cartoonsagainstcorona

Thanks Catrin, 7L
Thanks Abi year 10!!
Ken Owens! Thank you Ryan 7L!! Image
Billie Eilish by Sophie 7L Image
Sponge Bob says “Wash your hands!”.
Thanks to Lucy, Year 9
Portrait of Jamie. Thanks to Paris, Year 11 Image
Guess what I’ve found ..... Dory!!
Thanks to Emily, Year 10
Oh Mickey!!! Thanks to Caitlin !!! Image
It’s just a Goofy kinda love!!
Thanks again Caitlin!!
I taw I taw a puttytat! Thanks Ceiran!!! Image
You won’t like me when I’m angry! Thanks Ellie 7L Image
Caspar and Five Hargreeves by Megan-Jade year 10. Image
Hey you! Yeah you! It’s Deadpool. Thanks Owain year 10 Image
Thanks again Owain! Image
Scooby Doo, where are you??? Thanks to Megan 7G Image
Kicking out corona! Thanks Thomas 7G! Image
Me want banana!!! Tank you Ebony 8Y Image
Portraits by Paddie!! Image
You’ve got a friend!! Thanks Imogen year 10 Image
Cartoon by Freya 7A Image
Thank you NHS!!! Regan aged 13 Image
That’s all folks!! Thanks to Lyssia 7A Image
A Matisse like collage entitled “Social distance”. Thanks Charlotte 8Y Image
Cartoon portrait. Thanks again Imogen!! Image
Pikachu by Seren 7G. Thanks Seren Image
Powerful cartoon portrait! Thanks Hallie 7L Image
Hailey Quinn. Thanks to Alisha 9G Image
Cartoon portraits by Maya 9L. Thanks Image
Cartoon portrait by Amaya year 8 Image
Billie Eilish. Everything I wanted! Thanks Trinity year 10 Image
Nam-joon Kim of BTS. Thanks Ebony year 11 Image
Cartoon of Jasmine. Thanks again Paris! Image
“Coronavirus everywhere! Take care everyone!” by Dillon aged 11 Image
Portrait of Lil Peep. Thanks again Maya year 9 Image
“NHS staff are superheroes!”. Thanks to Kayla aged 14 Image
Cartoon figure by Daniel 8A. Thanks! Image
Bart staying safe! Thanks to Brooke 9G Image
Join Spongebob and spread some cheer! Thanks to Jaia 7G! Image
Tae-Hyung Kim of BTS. Thanks to Pia year 10 Image
Spongebob staying safe! Thanks to Georgia 9G Image
Stitch by Sophie 7L. Thanks again Sophie! Image
VSCO Girl. Thanks to Nara 7L Image
Charlotte 8Y. Thanks! Image