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GCSE Drama pupils create 'lockdown' monologue

GCSE Drama pupils have been creating lockdown monologues putting their scriptwriting skills to the test.

This monologue has been beautifully written by GCSE Drama pupil Ellise Evans (Year 10). Well done Ellise! Mrs Kervin #GCSEDrama #FightCoronaTogether 

Lockdown Monologue:

Lockdown? An eight letter word that will forever bring a frown to everyone’s faces. With all the long summer nights surrounded by friends looking to be so far away from now, the mind tends to realise how often we take life as it is for granted. The thought of the day where we can finally escape our own thoughts, trapped within 4 walls for twenty four hours a day into a safe environment is only a dream.
Society’s thoughts and prayers go out to the NHS and key workers who are risking their own lives on a daily basis and making sacrifices to save others and all those who have lost members of their family during this difficult time.

The world as we know it seems to have disappeared and left us only to wonder will life ever be the same again?

While looking down at everybody waiting for the announcement of the lockdown to be lifted, the realisation of how much the smallest things make such a difference to your day hits. How people would give anything to have the smallest gift of a hug and face to face contact with friends.

Children missing school and adults missing work, all missing the lack of communication due to the restrictions that we faced.

The uncertainty in whether this lockdown will have a large impact on life itself, maybe in years to come when us children are telling our very own stories of how we survived the Corona Virus in 2020, only then will we realise how much life will have changed from now until then.