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Pupils enjoy PSE sessions - Monday 16th January

Kate Gravell - Year 9 having a PSE session with Kate Gravell who is the Welsh Assembly's education officer. Pupils enjoyed learning about politics and how they can participate in decision making to benefit their local area and Wales as a whole.

Feedback from Kate :
"Just wanted to let you know that yesterday’s class was fabulous! We had some really interesting debates on Assembly hot topics, and then they came out with dozens of ideas on what they’d do if they were in charge of the country. I was very, very impressed with their receptiveness and enthusiasm, and I thought I should let you know. If all my groups were like that, I’d definitely have the best job in the world!

If you’re happy for it to happen, I’d like to use the photo you took to accompany a blog about the session, which will go on the Assembly’s website.

Thank you for all your support over the years, and the opportunity to spend time with the lovely pupils of Glan-y-Mor. Hugely appreciated!" 

Elinor Goldsmith - Year 8 pupils having a PSE session from Elinor Goldsmith about fire safety and keeping themselves safe in and out of the home.

Big Ideas Wales - Year 8 pupils having a PSE session from Big Ideas Wales and becoming an entrepeneur, the pros and cons and how to start your own business.

Jennifer Pugh - Year 7 pupils having a PSE session on personal hygiene and moving on from the school nursing team.