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School Trips Overseas: Advice on Coronavirus

Information Update - School Trips Overseas: Advice on Coronavirus

We have several trips planned both abroad and in this country over the coming months. We are continuing to seek and monitor advice from the local authority, Welsh Government and Health Services. This is a quickly evolving situation, however the current advice is that school trips should proceed as normal, though sensible precautions should be taken regarding sanitation (see below). Should circumstances change then we will inform parents immediately.

Both staff and pupils travelling abroad need to follow the advice offered by NHS Wales, which can be found by following this link and is updated regularly:


In addition, during travel it is good practice for pupils and staff to wash their hands with soap and hot water or use sanitising gels after handling:

Coins when receiving change (contactless would be a better option)
Trays when going through customs
Guards and rails on stairs and escalators
Armrests on public seating
Hand rails on airport buses
Avoid hand to mouth, nose and eye contact where possible

It is worth noting that coronavirus is a virus; anti-bacterial soaps and sprays are ineffective in tackling a virus, only alcohol based wipes and sprays will help destroy the virus. The NHS recommends using a hand sanitizer made with at least 60% alcohol.

Visit Leaders will update themselves on any local arrangements in place at their destinations. We are monitoring the advice from the government’s advisory service on travel which is updated regularly. This advice can be found at:


With the exception of northern Italy there are no restrictions on travel in EuropeThe Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is not advising against travel to any other country/territory as a result of coronavirus risks.

We understand that some parents with pupils going on trips may be reluctant for their child to travel. Should parents decide to withdraw their child from a trip, then as regards to insurance and claiming back costs, travel agents will use the FCO information regarding restrictions on travel before considering any insurance claims.