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Slovakia 2019

Slovakia 2019: Final cultural heritage visit to Bratislava today. Excellent way to spend our last day with our Slovak hosts

One week's adventure rewarded with certificates for the 'Best Masterchef', 'Top Scientist' and 'Dedicated EU Ambassadors'

New friendships created between our EU Ambassadors and Slovak, Maltese, Italian and Bulgarian students

 Day 5 in Slovakia: Hands-on activities through art and craft with a journey back to the mining past of Slovakia! A chance for our EU Ambassadors to compare it with the historical background of coal mining in South Wales!

Day 4 in Slovakia: Another great day in Slovakia for our EU Ambassadors who acted as scientists, artists and historians today! #EU-Adventures.com & @erasmusplusUK supported exploring the diverse knowledge available around us! 

Day 3 in Slovakia: Literacy and communication skills practised today Slovak style for our EU Ambassadors whilst making new friends

 Day 2 in Slovakia: Afternoon spent comparing and discussing the importance of cultural heritage festivals #EU-Adventures.com! Great job everyone 

 Day 2 in Slovakia: Getting to know each other and team building activities for our EU Ambassadors experiencing time in Gymnasium Andrea Vrábla in Leviče


Day 1: EU Ambassadors have arrived in Slovakia after a safe journey from Burry Port to Levice! Ready to experience Slovak education and culture for a week with @erasmusplusUK and #EU-Adventures.com