Ysgol Glan-y-Mor

Ysgol Bryngwyn School Ysgol Bryngwyn School

Year 7 & 8 Welsh Bac Week 2018

Both Year 7 and 8 have taken part in a Baby Bacc week on the theme of ‘Up in the Air’. All activities, over the four days,  focused on FOUR main areas.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Planning and Organisation

Day 1

Pupils participated in a range of activities and challenges based on Amelia Earhart. Forms went on a walk with Mrs Beer, Mr Davidson and Mr Wisby to see all monuments dedicated to Amelia Earhart. Mrs Rees taught forms about Amelia Earhart’s flights, her passion for flying and how she was thought to have died. Forms then took part in an activity in groups, where they read sources on Amelia Earhart and what people thought happened to her. They had to then present their chosen source and explain why they chose it. Mr. Bates taught forms about, ‘The Wright Brothers’ and groups watched factual videos about their flights.

In the afternoon, the competition of Frisbee Wars began! Two forms competed against each other to see how far the frisbee could go on the lower rugby pitch. This was a great way to look at the theme of flight. We had fun as well as learnt how to obtain maximum distance.

Day 2

Planning and building of the paper planes began. Groups tried out different building methods and designs to see which one worked best. Groups were watching tutorials to see good ideas. Later, after all building chaos ended and all the flyoff heats had ended …

… the real flyoff began! Teams who managed to get through the heats and into the final round went against each other. Tyler Reynolds, Joseph Beer and Chad Evans Samuel, of 8BB, won with a distance of 11 meters! It was a sight to behold!

Falconry UK paid us a visit to show us some of their amazing birds of prey. Jason (the bird trainer) gave us a unique talk and a meet and greet with some of their birds of prey. Jason allowed pupils to hold the birds too.

Day 3

Mr Jones gave an introduction about kites and their history. All forms worked in groups and started by ordering instructions on how to make a successful kite. The groups then started to plan out their mini kite. The groups had to decide what would be the best kite to use. The mini kites were made with wooden splints, bin bags and ropes then went to test their mini kites on the fan.

Day 4 (The Final Day)

Groups made a risk assessment to help them keep safe, and then BUILDING BEGAN! Pupils went above and beyond to win and to make the best kite. The kites were judged on structure, design (did they keep to their design?)

Mr Cross and Mr Jones worked hard to find the best kite.

Finally, after intense judging (and flying), the winners were crowned. Team ‘Flyers’ won the competition!

Overall, everyone really enjoyed the Baby Bacc week, learned new skills and improved their skills.

Katie Rees. Year 9