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Year 8 & 9 pupilS achieve excellent results in GCSE Music

At Glan-y-Môr, we pride ourselves in the way in which we cater for all our pupils and how we give them opportunity to showcase their talents. Two pupils in particular are testament to this. Mia Lane, Year 9 and Jada Lane, Year 8 have just received excellent results in GCSE Music, 2 and 3 years early respectfully. Both girls completed the course in just one academic year and personify our school motto, Ymdrech y Llwyfa or Success through Effort. Mia achieved a grade A and Jada achieved an A* in Music and are now starting the A Level course with their remaining time here at Glan-y-Môr. We are incredibly proud of all our pupils' results this year but especially congratulate Mia and Jada for their fantastic efforts and success in their recent results in Music.