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Year 9 pupil sacrifices her long locks for charity

Katie Rees, a pupil in 9BB has recently made a significant sacrifice for the 'Little Princess Trust' charity by having her very long hair cut into a bob. As you can see from the photos, Katie was very brave to have that much cut off. She has raised a staggering £500.00+ from friends, pupils and staff at Ysgol Glan-y-Môr and her church. She admitted that she was very nervous before hand and was given the opportunity to change her mind, but was determined to do her bit to help all those young children who suffer from cancer by donating her hair to make wigs. She also said that she never expected such support. “Everyone has been truly kind and very generous. It just goes to show that by everyone donating a small amount the final total becomes something very substantial indeed”. All of Katie's friends, her form members and her form tutor, Mrs Beer are very proud of her fantastic achievement.