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Bryngwyn School
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Uniform must be worn when attending school or any organised function or trip. If any non-uniform item is to be worn, this will be with the approval of the Headteacher. Failure to wear correct school uniform may result in your child being sent home.

Please click here for uniform regulations

School Uniform 

  • School tie – official tie (royal blue, light blue and gold), properly worn. No other ties are to be worn, except for the school ‘First Team’ sports tie;
  • Jumper / Cardigan – school regulation navy ‘v’ neck or cardigan with school badge. Only Year 11 to wear school regulation black tops. P.E. sweatshirt is optional for PE lessons and fixtures;
    Shirt / blouse – white;                                                                                           
  • Trousers – tailored black (girls may wear black skirts of sensible length);   
  • Shoes – sensible plain black leather (low heels; no slip on)                       
  • Overcoat – jackets and coats are not to be worn in place of uniform.

P.E. Kit 

Indoor – plain white T-shirt, navy shorts, white socks, trainers
Outdoor – school rugby shirt and rugby socks, navy shorts, football boots

Indoor – plain white T-shirt, navy skort, white socks, trainers 
Outdoor – plain white T-shirt, navy skort, school ‘rugby’ socks, trainers;School regulation P.E. hooded top is optional;

Year 10 & 11 – Plain navy tracksuit bottoms [no stripes] may be worn;Towel for showers;Shin/ankle guards are required for hockey, football and when playing hooker in rugby. Mouth guards are recommended for hockey and rugby. Footwear should be appropriate for the playing surface

Hair Styles:
Pupils are allowed up to a grade 2 on clipped hair. Tramlines are not acceptable. No Mohawks or Mohicans. Long hair must be tied back in practical lessons where there is a Health and Safety risk.

Make Up / Nail Varnish / False Nails
A small amount, “light dusting”, of make up is acceptable provided it is unobtrusive. Heavily made-up pupils will be asked to remove make up using wipes. Nail varnish is allowed provided colours are subtle and not vivid. Glazing, or natural tones are allowed. Pupils wearing bright/multi coloured nail polishes will be asked to remove it. Pupils wearing false nails that present a risk to the pupil or others will be asked to remove them.

A single small ring on each hand is acceptable as is a bangle on each wrist. However, pupils should be prepared to remove these items if requested to do so by a member of staff in a practical lesson or where there might be a Health and Safety concern

Uniforms are available from the following stockists: 

Picton Sports, 3 Heol Aur, Dafen Industrial Estate, Llanelli, SA14 8QN                            Tel: 01554 754662
Threadink, Unit 1.12, Dyfatty Industrial Park, Burry Port, SA16 0FB                                 Tel: 07792 486792
Toppers Wales Ltd., Unit D1, Llanelli Gate Business Park, Dafen, Llanelli, SA14 8LQ     Tel: 01554 777501

Please could you ensure all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.