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Head Boy & Girl

 Head Boy - Caleb Harmsworth


My name is Caleb, I'm in Year 11 and I am Head Boy at Glan-y-Môr. I have been at Glan-y-Môr for four years now and during that time I have always felt welcome and part of the Glan-y-Môr family. Glan-y-Môr is a great school and I have enjoyed every minute of my time here.

All the way back in Year 7 when I first started at Glan-y-Môr I remember feeling anxious and nervous about the size of the buildings. It was daunting but within a few days I felt happy and settled and had managed to find my way around. Glan-y-Môr makes everyone feel welcome from the moment they walk in. All of the staff are really friendly and helpful.

Something that separates Glan-y-Môr from others is all of the opportunities that are offered to all of the pupils. During my time at Glan-y-Môr I have been given lots of opportunities to learn new skills. I play on the school football team. I am on the school council. I have been in the school stage productions of We Will Rock You, Back To The Eighties and Grease. I was also given the opportunity to speak at the County Council about the effects of Covid. Glan-y-Môr also has lots of teams for pupils to join. We also have clubs at lunchtimes and after school. There is always something that appeals to everyone. The school arranges lots of school trips and we also have an exchange programme.

All of the staff at Glan-y-Môr have always helped me, supported me, encouraged me and inspired me. They have always pushed me to be my best. I really admire my teachers because their lessons are not just educational and interesting but they are fun too. I have good relationships with all of my teachers and they are always willing to give me advice and support.

I am so proud to be Head Boy of Glan-y-Môr because it is an honour to represent such a great school that has done so much for me and given me so many opportunities. I would now like to work hard to give something back to the school by doing my best in all of my Head Boy duties. I am currently coaching the school Year 7 and Year 8 football teams. I hope that I am a good role model for all of the pupils in the school and I hope to inspire them all to believe that they can all achieve anything.

Girl - Charlotte Lewis-Camm